In the NCW’s first ever national writing competition, young women and school girls were asked the question:
‘If you could change one thing in Britain what would it be?’
On 24th March 2014 the winners were invited to celebrate our ‘Giving Young Women and Girls a Voice’ competition in the Jubilee Room at the House of Commons.
It was a chance for our winners, inspirational judges and generous sponsors to come face-to-face and talk about the incredible proposals in the winning essays.
An impressive flood of ideas and gritty statements had come in from women and girls all over the country.
Schools and universities had taken part and partnerships had been formed with Parliament Week and the Hansard Society.
On social media the competition had been given the hashtag #SpeakOut, and generated lively debate.
13-18 age-group winner Sofia Grebenkina said: “The institution of government is one that people look up to… If we have more women there it can influence the position of women in general… David Cameron has a target of one third of his government to be women but he has yet to achieve that.”
The 19-30 age-group winner, Chloe Hill, wants to overhaul the school curriculum. She said her prize of going to the UN Commission on the Status of Women conference in New York had been a dream come true: “The legacy for me is that I have regained my faith in people – being surrounded by so many people at the UN that truly believed in gender equality, and shared my concerns about how far we have to go still, was heartening. I want to be involved in that positive change.”
The event at the House of Commons was a celebration of the great ideas from the next generation of female leaders.
We can’t wait to see where these women lead us to next!