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Southwick Media Consultancy is the media partner for U Can Cope, a new campaign to help people facing personal difficulties and mental health problems. We were among the partner organisations who attended the launch at the Houses of Parliament. At the centre of the campaign is a film, produced by Southwick Media, commissioned to spread a positive message of hope and recovery.

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Southwick Media is a dynamic company made up of multi-media journalists and film-makers who have the expertise, energy and enthusiasm to turn your stories into headlines. We are social media, television, radio, online and print specialists who are passionate about engaging and informing audiences. We’ve won awards for our journalism and we’re bringing the same commitment and creativity to our communications consultancy.

We have decades of experience working for media outlets and major broadcasters, including local and national newspapers, the BBC, ITN and Channel 4. We are experts at navigating the media landscape – be it handling interviews or producing films. We know what commissioning editors are looking for – because we’ve been the ones doing the commissioning. We know how to write an exceptional press release because we’ve been the journalists receiving them.

What we provide

  • Tailored, targeted PR campaigns to generate maximum coverage in print, broadcast and online media
  • Strategies to raise the profile of your organisation and brand
  • Creative content for all platforms – print, audio, video, online
  • Social media training and management
  • Bespoke broadcasting and media courses
  • Crisis management

Our clients include

TEFAFClipper - round the worldBada FairSamaritansMagic breakfastBlue cross

What clients say

“Thank you very much for all the work you did in the build-up and during the first two days of the Fair. You did a tremendous amount of work and really made a difference in covering TEFAF online. I feel you did a wonderful job with the video on the Art Symposium.”

- Titia Vallenga, PR and Marketing Manager, Tefaf Maastricht

“Southwick Media has provided Clipper Ventures with an excellent service with first class results. Their exceptional experience and expertise in television production, social media, and press relations has proved invaluable.”

- Jonathan Levy, Head of Business Development, Clipper Ventures PLC

“I would like to thank you for creating and establishing such an amazing social media campaign for this year's BADA Fair. Your professionalism and drive greatly enhances our profile. You have amazing patience and a wonderful ability to grasp the exact tone that is required for our event.”

- Gillian Craig, Director, Bada Fair